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What's Inside?

What do I get with my Conscious Crafting Kit?

Creativity and Self-Exploration in a Kit

Here's a sample kit.  Each month's kit is themed to the  cycle of the year, and the inspirational word we have chosen for that month. Your kit will  contain materials and tools to make the item for that month, along with instructions and ideas. We will also provide inspiring experiences that might include visualizations, meditations, special music, or rituals to do with your newly-made item.  You'll also get a  hand-picked stone, and the gift of a Divine You word card - collect them all to make a useful deck you can use on a daily basis.


A Most Meaningful Gift

We believe that the Conscious Crafting kit experience makes the perfect gift.   Send your loved one a kit, or gather your tribe and  make some magic together.


Need more reasons to sign up?

- You love things like this but never get around to doing them.

-You and your close friends have been meaning to get together monthly to do something fun and life-enhancing.

- You have been thinking of getting some sort of creative habit, even if you doubt your abilities.

- You are looking for something that will  connect you to soul.

- You like to get boxes in your mailbox, especially when they are for you.

- You would hate to miss out on collecting the  exclusive Divine You word cards and you would love to have a new deck to use.

You are intrigued by what might be in the upcoming kits:  a unique way to commemorate life events or explore feelings, cleansing or clearing materials, a remembrance token, a way to mend a broken heart, a celebration of abundance and sharing, a craft that harnesses sun power, tools for protection, things that travel well,  an intention  talisman and ceremony, and  more are on the way!

You love a surprise. We'll keep the exact kit contents a secret each month.

You like to know what is coming.  We'll let you know  a bit about the next kit with sneak peeks and hints in the blog, the newsletter, and on Instagram , Facebook and Pinterest .  Be sure to follow us, and sign up for the email list.