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Amulet Bag Kit



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Product Description

With this kit you will be able to make, decorate and fill three different styles of amulet or medicine bags. To indigenous peoples of the Americas, a medicine bag was usually a small pouch that contained sacred items that symbolized well-being and identity. You will have plenty of semi-precious gemstones to work with, but can also add any meaningful items that you have on hand. The process of thoughtfully constructing these bags and filling them with special items, keepsakes, pictures, words, affirmations, crystals, etc. will help you focus on the things you hold most dear. The word associated with this kit is POWER, and this kit will help you to create powerful and personal creations. You can carry them with you, place in a special place in your home or office, in your car, under your pillow, or anywhere else you would like to infuse with your powerful energy.