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Sweet Dreams Pillowcase Kit



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Product Description

This kit gives you the materials you need to create two special pillowcases that you can use under, or instead of, your regular pillow cases. We gave you two so you can make one (or both) for yourself, and may also gift one to a friend or loved one if you so desire. When complete, your dream pillowcases can become powerful tools for your subconscious during sleep. Your affirmations, wishes and dreams will be right under your head, as well as crystals, stones, and whatever else you choose to place in the hidden pocket you will create inside. The word associated with the kit is DREAM. We hope this kit helps you to have and remember many helpful dreams. We have enclosed a tiny dream journal in the kit, and we encourage you to begin writing down your dreams. When you pay attention to the dreamtime, the dreamtime pays attention to you. Listen carefully to what it is trying to say.