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Master Energy Cleansing Kit NEW!



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Product Description

Combining two of our most powerful kits at a reduced price, this deluxe one gives you everything you need to clear, cleanse, and release negative energy from yourself, your loved ones, your home, work space, car and/or other personal environments. You will learn cleansing techniques utilizing all of your senses, experience visualizations, and use several different traditional cleansing substances. The kit also gives you the tools you need to brew and use elixirs to cleanse and clear the energy in your space and yourself. Once you have made an elixir spray, you can spray it around your home, office, car, etc. Spray it into the air above and just in front of you and walk through it, spinning as you do. Spray your loved ones, but be sure to check for sensitivities before doing so. The beautiful cobalt blue bottles can be washed and reused endlessly. Experiment with combinations of herbs, oils and crystals. You will also have the opportunity to decorate the abalone shell and feather with the craft supplies included. These will become part of your smudging/cleansing kit. Specific ideas for using the kit contents are listed below, as well as resources for further information. We do hope that some of these practices becomes a regular part of your mindful journey.